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GLOWTEC - Handheld UV Lamp



Often referred to as Longwave Ultra-Violet or 'UV A'.  Blacklights are a specialised type of lighting unit that generates a safe form of UV light invisible to the human eye.

The frequency of UV light emitted by Blacklight units (365 nm) is exactly the right frequency to make UV Revealing products such as STARGLOW UVR Paints; fluoresce brightly and also  energise Glow-in-the-Dark products so they perform at their best.

Blacklights are considered safe for use in the home as well as theatres and night clubs etc.

The kind of Blacklight units* sold by GLOWTEC are low-power units and are the safest of all Blacklight units available commercially.

Besides the wide range of Fun and Artistic applications, there are several other serious uses that Blacklights are particularly suited to:


Checking for counterfeit bank notes and IDs
Detection of hidden repairs to Antiques
Detection of forged documents
Forensic Crime Scene Examinations
Environmental Hygiene Examinations
Detection of Leaks and structural weaknesses
Detection of Vermin and certain insects
Detection of hidden repairs to Artwork




UV-LED Blacklights

UV-LED based Blacklight products are also classed as safe, providing the LEDs are not shone directly into the eyes.  It is the intensity of light generated by this new generation of LEDs rather than the UV output, that can be potentially harmful.  The key advantages of this new generation UV-LED based products, is portability and low power consumption, thus making them a very popular option.

Click here for the low-down on UV Light and How to check which frequency its using.




What is UV Light 

In plain and simple terms there are three bands of UV light; UV - A,  B and C.  The difference between the three is simply the frequency range of each.

UV A  320 - 400 nm  Longwave UV is widely used for Tanning and Blacklight effects.
UV B  280 - 320 nm  The type of Natural UV largely responsible for sunburn.
UV C  200 - 280 nm  Shortwave UV is completely filtered out by the atmosphere.




UV - A 

The safest form of UV light and often referred to as Longwave UV, this is kind of UV light generated by Blacklight units (the dark purple fluorescent tubes) as well as UV LED Torches. It is a safe form of invisible UV light and is used to energise and activate the STARGLOW range of products (365 nm to be exact).  Most quality sunglasses will protect eyes against UV-A.

Most quality sunglasses will protect eyes against UV-A.



UV - B 

This particular kind of UV is the one that can cause sunburn if over exposed. It can also be used  in the  medical treatment of certain skin conditions.

Most quality sunglasses will protect eyes against UV-B.



UV - C 

Totally absorbed by the Earths atmosphere, but widely used as a Germicidal steriliser in Hospitals.  UV-C is source of UV you are unlikely ever to come across.



Click here for the low-down on UV Light and How to check which frequency its using.


Beware of cheap, poor quality imitations. If it doesn't bear our name, it's not the same!


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