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Its Fluorescent and Phosphorescent



STARGLOW HI-VIZ Yellow Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Multi-Glow Paint.



So whether it's Day or Night.

You'll be able see this paint.



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STARGLOW Paints Are Guaranteed For 10 years

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A Totally NEW Water-Based HI-VIZ Safety Paint Providing Enhanced Visibility whether it be Day or Night. Light or Dark.

This Unique Multi-Glow SMART PAINT is Achieved Using a Combination of Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Technologies.

When Fully Charged* this paint can gently Glow-in-the-Dark*  for several hours in total darkness.



   Making it ideal for use on....
  Bollards  Route Markers
  Obstacles  Trip Hazards
  Tools  Gates & Posts

   For Anglers...

  Floats  Lures/Spinners
  Tackle  Bite Indicators

  For Sailors...

  Steps  Safety Rails
  Ropes  Trip Hazards




The World's 1st Dual-Glow Safety Paint

Day or Night. Light or Dark. The World's 1st Dual-Glow Safety Paint.

As the Daylight fades into Darkness this Smart Hi-Vis Paint begins to Glow!

Day or Night. Light or Dark. The World's 1st Dual-Glow Safety Paint.




  Why Fluorescent Yellow?

Fluorescent yellow is the most visible (easily discernable) colour across all lighting conditions and it is especially good in Moonlight!

This is why Hi-Viz Safety Jackets are Fluorescent Yellow and for good reason.

The visually impaired also find this the easiest colour to see.

Mouse over the image to see the glow

Day or Night. Light or Dark. The World's 1st Fluorescent and Luminescent Safety Paint.




Tough Enough For Most Applications

Water-Proof & Weather-Proof
Can be used Outdoors & Indoors
Very Tough and Durable
Very Bright Hi-Visibility Colour
Very High-Quality Pigments




Round-the-Clock Visibility Where it Matters.

HI-VIZ Yellow on White for the visually impaired.

HI-VIZ Yellow for all-round visibility whether light or dark.

Move your pointer over these arrows to see the Night-Glow effect *




  Suitable for Painting on....
  Wood  Glass
  Metal  Fabrics
  Plastic  Masonry
Use on any white / primed surface in or out of doors




Why is this Paint so Smart?

STARGLOW HI-VIS Paint is a New Generation of Ultra-High Performance, Brightly Coloured Fluorescent UV Paint but with a big difference! Unlike normal dayglo paints, STARGLOW HI-VIZ will also gently GLOW-IN-THE-DARK when light levels fall to zero.

Made here in the UK, they are Solvent-Free and Non-Toxic and best used over a white (or light) background. This highly durable paint is safe for use indoors and outdoors




Quick-Drying & Solvent Free
Daytime Coloured - UV Sensitive
Suitable for Inside & Outside use
Brushes Wash-Out in Water
ECO-Safe / Low VOCs
MADE in the UK







Basic guidelines for using STARGLOW HI-VIZ PAINT


As Smart pigments will tend to settle after a while you should stir the paint well before each use.
Use a white, or a light colour as the background for the best results. Any colour other than white may diminish the glow.   
Try to build-up thin layers of paint to create one thick layer. Generally speaking, The thicker the layer of paint, the more consistent the glow effect.
Touch dry in 30 mins. Leave each layer at least 2 hours to dry before re-coating.
Do not over-dilute or 'thin' the glow-paint too much as this will impair its performance.  
If you are using outdoors you should not normally need to protect your coating, However if it    will be exposed to extremes of weather or hand or foot contact, you should apply two or three coats of STARGLOW Protective Top-Coat / Sealer.
For best glow performance, STARGLOW Paints should be applied to a white / light surface and a strong UV Black light be used at close proximity.

These are just guidelines. The user should use their best judgement in working with the paints.





Estimating how much paint you'll need....


Coverage  (Approximated, as surface type and texture will make a difference)

A 30ml pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately the size of an A4 piece of paper.

A 60ml pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately the size of an A3 piece of paper.

A 120ml pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately the size of an A2 piece of paper.

A 240ml pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately 1 - 2  Square meters


For larger quantities

A 500ml pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately 4 - 5  Square meters  

A 1lt pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately 8 - 10  Square meters


Don't forget you'll need 2 or more coats in most cases.





Important Notes

Prospective users of our products are advised to firstly purchase a sample in order to fully evaluate the product’s suitability for purpose.

This paint product is supplied on a Made-to-Order  basis only and therefore larger orders may incur a lead time for production. If you have an urgent requirement, please contact us to obtain lead time estimate.

* The glow performance of this paint is dependent on UV (present in daylight and most artificial light) to adequately charge the phosphorescent component, and requires complete darkness for the glow to be seen (i.e. no lighting or partial illumination of any kind).

Owing to its daytime colouring this paint does not glow as bright or for as long as our regular green glow paint.

These paints are NOT suitable for use on skin. 





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If you need any help or advice please do call or email us. We love to help :-0)


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