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Catch your Shadow over and again, with this Fun & Educational Product.


The STARGLOW Shadow Wall is just like the ones you'll find in the fun section of Museums. Everybody loves to see their shadows captured by the Shadow Wall.

Made from Next-Generation Glow-in-the-Dark material. STARGLOW Shadow walls can be easily stuck to a wall or a portable rigid board and will function for many years.

STARGLOW Shadow walls are made from a high-tech Photo-Luminescent material and are complete safe, non-toxic and child friendly.  


Latest Glow Technology
Child-Safe & Non-Toxic
Use over and over again
Lasts for Years




How does it work?

A Shadow wall is large sheet of photo-luminescent vinyl absorbs Ultra-Violet light energy in the light source and then releases this energy again as visible light energy.  When a person stands between the shadow-wall and the light source (such as a powerful camera flash gun or similar) the wall will absorb the pulse of light light glowing briefly except where their shadow falls  and they will be amazed to see their shadow captured right there in the Shadow wall.  The short 'flash' exposure means the Shadow wall will not have enough energy to maintain its glow and so fade quickly ready for next exposure.  This cycle can be repeat many times over many years.

A Shadow wall must be used in a dark place to ensure it does not become charged by ambient light seeping in from nearby.

Once kids (of all ages) discover they can make hundreds of silly shadow-shapes, it will keep them amused for hours.





 1000 x 1000mm

(1m x 1m)

     Medium Shadow Wall 

£ 99


  1000 x 2000mm

(1m x 2m)

     Large Shadow Wall 

£ 149



     Custom Shadow Wall 


Shadow walls are a Made-to-Order item with a lead time usually between 1 - 2 weeks.




STARGLOW Vinyls Are Guaranteed For 10 years

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Important Note

Whilst this sheet comes with a permanent self-adhesive backing which will bond on contact. To help avoid any unnecessary damage to the sheet during installation, spray-wet the whole surface, wall or board before mounting to allow temporary adjustment and repositioning before the adhesive sets! Use a cloth to smooth out any kinks or air bubbles etc. Alternatively you could have the sheet 'framed' ready to hang.

This Shadow wall will require a bright light source (not included))such as a large Camera Flash Unit, UV Black light or fast switching halogen flood Light or similar. Always stand close-to and facing the Shadow wall with your back to the light source.





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