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The World's Brightest and Longest-Glowing Ceiling Stars


Transform an ordinary bedroom ceiling...


Starglow Ceilings Stars ceiling shown in daytime and at nighttime. 


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...into a Magical Starry-Night Sky



100 Ceiling Glow Stars - will glow for over 14 hours and last for years.

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A Starry Ceiling in Minutes
 100 Ultra-Glow Stars
 Star Constellations Plan
 Birth-Sign Star-Map

All For Just  £ 9.99 





STARGLOW  SuperStars are a new generation of super-thin Very High Performance, plasticised 'ultra glow' stickers, made here in the UK by GLOWTEC.

This amazing new material can Glow-in-the-Dark for well over   14+ hours and they are Guaranteed to glow for 10 years.

Once applied to your ceiling, they so small and ultra-thin you'll soon forget that they are there ... but at night WOW!

Not too large. Not too small. Just the right size for the best Starry-Sky effect.

So please do not confuse these stars with cheap ones you'll see advertised on the Internet or sold in the shops.

These stars are 20 times brighter and will last 30 times longer then anything you'll have seen before.



Contains: 100 Ultra-Thin SuperStars
Make a Starry-Sky Ceiling in Minutes
Discreet and Unobtrusive
An Amazing 14+ Hours glow time
Guaranteed to Glow for 10 Years
The World's Brightest Ceiling Stars



STARGLOW Super Stars are safe to use on Smooth or Textured Ceilings, and can be easily removed if no longer required.




STARGLOW Ceiling Glow Stars 

They are small, discreet and they'll glow for hours & hours.





Starry-Skies for All
Bedroom Ceilings
Caravan Ceilings
Even TENT Ceilings!





STARGLOW STARS Are Guaranteed For 10 years

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Taking the Kids Camping this Summer?



WOW! - Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars for your TENT

Give them a pack of Super Stars as a surprise, and let them put up the stars themselves. 

It would be one night they would never forget.




Turns a Dark Berth into a Thing of Wonder for Children

Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars for your CARAVAN Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars for your TENT Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars for your MOTORHOME
Caravan Bedrooms Sleeping Compartments Motorhome Bedrooms




A Starry Ceiling in Minutes
 100 Ultra-Glow Stars
 Star Constellations Plan
 Birth-Sign Star-Map

All For Just  £ 9.99 


Price excludes VAT  & Postage





Were you looking for Glow Stickers?


Glow Sticker Range; Space, Fairies, Unicorns, Cowboys, Dinosaurs, Fishes, Dolphins, Sharks, Animals, Ballerinas, Dancers, Rockets, Stars, Planets and many more

Take a look at our Wide Range of Themed Ultra-Glow Bedroom Stickers.




or perhaps something more substantial?


Multi-Colour Cosmic Ceiling


(see picture opposite)

Starry Night-Sky Kit


Easy-to-do Pixie Paint based Kit




If you need any help or advice please do call or email us. We love to help :-0)


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