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Here we have some stunning examples of what can be achieved by INSPIRED CUSTOMERS. As you will see, the results really are inspired...



'Oor Wullie' shown under UV Light

Dundee's 'Oor Wullie' displayed recently and painted using STARGLOW UV NEON Paint





Here we have a combination of great spray paint artwork, enhanced with

STARGLOW Clear UV, Glow-in-the-Dark Paint and even Pixie Paint!





Ultra-Reflective Paint on fabric revealed by camera-flash for great effect




Blackwwod UV Artwork



When the feature film Blackwood held its launch at Canary Wharf, London. Joe Hill (an amazing and talented 3D artist) was commissioned to create this stunning pavement mural. A great example of our STARGLOW Clear UV Paints in action :-0)

Shown:  Adam Wimpenny, Sophia Myles and Joe Hill






STARGLOW HI-VIZ Safety Paint was used here to help encourage speeding drivers to slow down :-0)





Adam Hargreaves' Wall Mural created using STARGLOW Clear UV Paint.





Amazing air-brush work created using Clear UV Paint




 Send us your ideas.
If you have an unusual use for any of our products we would love to hear it. Please send an email  to: and we may include your idea on this site.





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