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Glow-in-the-Dark Multi-Colour & Starry-Sky Effects



Transform a tired old bedroom ceiling...


STARGLOW FX - The World's First Multi-colour Cosmic Ceiling


...into an amazing Cosmic Ceiling

Mouse-over or tap-on the picture to see the STARGLOW FX Cosmic Ceiling in daytime.





Create these Amazingly Cosmic Effects:


Shooting Stars & Comets
Milky Way
Cosmic Gas Clouds
Cosmic Nebulae
Astrological Star Signs



Create your own cosmic masterpiece on any plain white ceiling (flat or textured). Amazingly it remains discreet and 'virtually' invisible* during the daytime (certainly on a textured ceiling) but glows magically all night long. 

Breathtaking luminous artwork like this is enjoyed by everyone, grown-ups and children alike.



Completely Re-useable Kit
Coverage: 1-2 Ceilings
Virtually Invisible in the Daytime
Glows for Several Hours
Lasts for Many years
The Original Multi-Colour System




There can be few uses of our new generation Glow-in-the-Dark paints that are more impressive than a Cosmic Ceiling. 

In total darkness you could actually believe you were drifting in space; floating amongst the stars.




Hi Michael, 


Thank you for your products, they worked wonders & did the job perfectly.
I painted 3 ceilings to create stars & galaxies & my family were amazed!
My 2 boys are 7 & 10, there were bouncing on there beds with excitement that night & to see the reaction on their faces was amazing so thanks again.

I'll try & sends pics if they come out alright.

Stuart from Stevenage




How about a Delightful Starry-Night Sky?


STARGLOW Starry-Night Ceiling with Mini-Stars

mouse over this image

Area of ceiling sample shown - Approximately 1 square meter






Click here - to see this video

See this new Art form in use on a recent BBC DIY SOS program... click here

 Click here to learn how this new art form came about





Were you just looking for Star Glow-Stickers?



STARGLOW Ceiling Glow Stars


Keep it simple with our Ultra-High Performance stick-on SuperStars.

They can glow for 14 hours+ and last for many years.







Choose the kit for the effect that you want...






If you need any help or advice please do call or email us. We love to help :-0)


* The Smart Paints used in the creation of Cosmic Ceilings are called Invisible, as they are made to be as daytime neutral as is possible and to blend into a white background.  They are not totally invisible in the literal sense of the word, and if applied to a smooth 'matt' ceiling would be far more 'apparent' than if applied to a textured ceiling where they would disappear amidst the pattern.


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