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Are your Cosmic Ceiling Kits re-usable ?

Yes. The items and designs we have included in our kits can be used many times. Replacement paints are available to buy on this web site.

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How long will a cosmic ceiling last ?

The Glow-in-the-Dark technology used to create STARGLOW  paints is the most advanced in the world which means a STARGLOW FX Cosmic Ceiling can last for 20 years.

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How long will a cosmic ceiling glow ?

You may have seen glow-in-the-dark toys and gizmos that only glow for a few minutes. The technology used in STARGLOW paints is so good, that the best of the paints (green) can glow for over 20 hours. With a good charge of UV light (Black light), your STARGLOW FX Cosmic Ceiling should glow gently all night long gradually becoming dimmer as the hours pass.

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Can I use daylight charge-up glow paint?

Yes it can but please do not rely on it for use during the hours of darkness! 

It does not really matter how many hours of daylight the paint is exposed to (indoors or outdoors) as during the time it takes  daylight  to become the dark of night (usually around 3 hours) most of the stored energy has been burned-off in glowing whilst it is still too light to see it!  The reason is simply that Glow Paint (and other glow products) are actually glowing all the time and they do not save-up all their energy waiting for it to become dark.  

We recommend at least one UV Blacklight unit in the room and turned on a good 20-30 minutes before bedtime in order to 'charge-up' the glow paint / stars etc so they will glow brightly and look their best when it matters most.

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How long does it take to create a cosmic ceiling ?

This depends on the individual doing the work. Typically your first ceiling will take you a few hours as you become familiar with the techniques involved. Once you are comfortable with doing them, a typical cosmic ceiling should take a few hours.  We would recommend doing this over 2 nights; the first night allowing you to study the ceiling in the dark and decide if it needs more paint / effects adding etc.

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How many ceilings will your DIY Kits do ?

There are sufficient paints included to create a medium - large  cosmic ceiling. However if your ceilings are relatively small and you use the paint sparingly, you should get two small ceilings out of the kit.  You can always order more paint to apply later if you wish to increase or alter the cosmic ceiling effect.

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Will I have to paint my ceiling black first ?

No. The underlying principle of a cosmic ceiling, is that it is created using special paints which are 'white' in daylight and therefore virtually invisible when applied to a white ceiling. At night the ceiling becomes a jet black background to a breathtaking cosmic vista.

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Will my ceiling look as good as the one in the photo ?

Every Cosmic Ceiling will look different from the next. Like any piece of artwork, no two will ever be the same, also the ceiling in the photograph was fully charged before the picture was taken. This involves using a UV rich Blacklight to 'energise' the ceiling artwork.  If you want your ceiling to look like the one in the photo you will need to use a mains powered Blacklight to charge it up each night. 

Without a full charge it takes on a dim more gentle ethereal effect, which whilst not as dramatic, is perhaps a better way to help encourage a good nights sleep.  (See also next question / answer)

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We only have a small lamp in our bedroom. Will this be OK?

The paints used to create the ceiling charge-up on Ultraviolet (UV) light.  Ordinary lamp bulbs do not give out much in the way of UV.  The see the ceiling at its most dramatic, it would need a good charge, we would recommend using a mains powered black light unit to properly charge up the ceiling. 

We have included a basic black light bulb with each Cosmic Ceiling DIY kit to both help with its creation and afterwards to help 'charging up' the ceiling when you want your Cosmic Ceiling glowing at its best.  We do have more powerful black light units available if the basic bulb is insufficient.

Having said that, under low light (i.e. low UV) conditions and after a couple of hours, the ceiling takes on a more gentle, ethereal effect actually preferred by many. Whilst this 'toned down' version is less colourful, it is in many ways more realistic and soothing to the eye. So which ever version of your cosmic Ceiling your prefer; 'soothing' or 'WoW', your sure to be delighted.

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Can anyone create a Cosmic Ceiling ?

If you can comb your hair while stood on a ladder, you have the ability to create a cosmic ceiling.  They are really easy to do, are great fun and very rewarding.

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Are your paints safe for children ?

Yes, they are completely safe. STARGLOW paints represent many years of development to make a range of very high performance glow paints that were non-radioactive, non-toxic and odourless.

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Can I buy more paints from you ?

Yes. we have replacement paints available to buy online at this web site.  Click here.

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Can you see the paint in daytime ?

As the Paints dry  'off-white' or a very light green in some cases, however when applied to a white ceiling, the finished cosmic ceiling should be 'virtually' unnoticeable under normal lighting. The Smart Paints used in the creation of Cosmic Ceilings are called Invisible, as they are made to be as daytime neutral as is possible and to blend into a white background.  They are not 'invisible' in the literal sense of the word, and if applied to a smooth 'matt' ceiling would be far more apparent than if applied to a textured ceiling.

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Can you create a cosmic ceiling on a textured ceiling ?

In many respects a textured ceiling is the ideal surface for a cosmic ceiling, as the pattern helps break up and hide the cosmic artwork unlike smooth flat ceilings which can reveal paint-on-paint in the daytime and in certain lighting conditions.

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