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A new range of self-adhesive fret markers for all 6/12 string Guitars and Bass Guitars. Made in the UK using STARGLOW Very-High-Performance, self-adhesive plastic sheet, which is able to Glow-in-the-Dark for 14 hours and last up to 20 years!  This all-inclusive set contains 96 Fret Markers in a range of sizes and shapes. For best results, before playing live ensure the markers are fully chargedFret-Finders will also glow brightly under UV stage lighting.  

Periodic re-charging may be required to ensure they continue to glow at their full potential. This will of course depend on how dark the area actual is! 

Application Guitars & BASS
Day Colour Pale Green
Glow Colour Yellow / Green
Thickness 0.2 mm
Long Fret Marker ( x12) 30 x 3 mm
Short Fret Marker  (x12) 20 x 3 mm
Tab Fret Marker  (x15) 6 x 3 mm
Dash Fret Marker  (x15) 5 x 2 mm
Round Fret Marker  (x18) 6 mm
Small Round Fret Marker  (x24) 3 mm

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STARGOW Fret-Finders - Luminous Guitar Fretboard Markers Luminous Fret-Finders fitted to a Bass Guitar neck


Note:  Fret-Finder Stickers stand slightly proud of the surface.  Click here for details of this product in use.


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