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Introducing a new line of High Performance (Glow-in-the-Dark) Ink jet printable A4 (210 x 300mm) sheets. Whilst we refer to it as paper, it is in fact a plastic sheet that is thin like a sheet of good quality paper, but won't tear or fade like paper and has a special coating which allows inkjet printers to print onto its surface. 

Note:  Do not allow the surface to become wet. Remove carefully after printing and allow plenty of time for the ink to dry naturally. Do not touch the surface once it has been printed on. Once dry, protect the printed surface by laminating or framing. This product is not suitable for laser-Jet printing.

Daytime colour  Light Green
Glowing colour Yellow/Green
Afterglow duration 8 hrs max
Adhesive backing No
Printable on Inkjet Printers
Material Thin Plastic sheet
Finish Glossy Printable Coating
Size available: 210 x 300mm



Starglow Jet-Print Pager


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