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Manufactured using next-generation Clear UV revealing pigments. STARGLOW CLEAR UV Paints are safe, water-based acrylic coatings that are virtually invisible (translucent / Opaque) in daylight but when exposed to UV Black lights, reveal a fabulous range of vibrant 'hidden' UV colours.

STARGLOW Clear UV paints are water resistant and may be used on a wide range of surfaces providing they are pre-painted or primed (if required) and clean and free from dirt oil and grease. 

STARGLOW Paints can be applied by Brush, Roller or Spray on most white / primed surfaces.  




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Brand New Water-Based Polyurethane Formulation for STARGLOW Paints

 ● Polyurethane based for improved strength, durability and lifespan

 ● Greatly improved shelf-life (6 months)

 ● Water based for safety and kind to the Environment (Low VOCs)

 ● Quick-drying, hardwearing and water-proof




STARGLOW Paints Are Guaranteed For 10 years

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The STARGLOW Difference

Super-Tough and Durable
Able to withstand everyday knocks and bangs
Extra High Pigmentation
For a richer, brighter, longer lasting UV glow
Solvent-free, Waterbased Acrylic
For a cleaner, safer, non-toxic coating
British Made for Quality
Not everything today is made in China :-0)

Because not all UV Paints are the same




 Clear UV Paints - What are they?

STARGLOW CLEAR UV Paints are a new kind of Smart Paint which will DRY-CLEAR (OPAQUE*) but glow brightly when exposed to UV Black light**

Made in the UK using the very latest in UV Revealing Technology, they are Solvent-Free and Non-Toxic. Best used over a white (or light) background, these highly durable paints are safe to use indoors and outdoors (Providing they are not exposed to direct sunlight or wear and tear) and are available in 8 Vivid Fluorescent Ultra Violet colours. 

STARGLOW Clear UV Paints contain a much higher ratio of Smart UV Pigments than aerosol paints which provides a much richer, deeper UV-powered glow. 





Blackwwod UV Artwork


When the feature film Blackwood held its launch at Canary Wharf,  London. Joe Hill (an amazing and talented 3D artist) created this stunning pavement mural which is great example of our STARGLOW Clear UV Paints in action :-0)

Shown:  Adam Wimpenny, Sophia Myles and Joe Hill





These SMART Paints are...

A Solvent-Free, Water Based Acrylic
Completely Safe, Odourless & Non-Toxic
Inter-Mixable for new Colour Possibilities
Suitable for Short-Term Shaded Outdoor Use
Suitable for use on most Fabrics
Dries Clear / Opaque but Glows in Colour
Highly-Pigmented for a Richer UV Glow





What makes STARGLOW paints so good?

Because we make 'em that way. We do not cut corners on quality nor do we use cheap ingredients, quite the opposite. When you compare STARGLOW paints with those made by other companies. STARGLOW UV Paints fluoresce brighter, last longer and look better, but yes, they do cost more.

By only using the very best of pigments available and by opting for the maximum pigmentation possible do we get the results we are happy with, and if we are not happy why should you be? 

We also make STARGLOW paints waterproof, tough and flexible; able to cope with most interior applications.

So yes, we could produce cheap, poor quality paints, but why would we put our name to that?





 CLEAR UV PAINTS are regularly used in...

Film & TV Productions
Night Club & Bar Decor
Leading Theatre Productions
Innovative Works of Art





Suitable for use on....

 Wood  Glass
 Metal  Fabrics
 Plastic  Masonry
or any other white / primed surface




  At a glance....

Quick-Drying & Solvent Free
Suitable for Indoor* use only
Brushes wash out in water
ECO-Safe & Low VOCs
Freshly made to order




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This paint is suitable for use with...

UV Canon (365nm)    UV LEDs  (365nm) UV Bulb (365nm) UV Strip (365nm)

Please Note:

STARGLOW Clear UV paints require a UV Black light to reveal their neon colour but will not Glow-in-the-Dark without UV light.

Clear UV Paints perform best with a UV Canon, UV Fluorescent tube or UV ES Bulbs. Whilst they maybe used with UV LED based Black lights, these do not always emit the right frequencies required to fully activate these paints and may result in them looked pale or washed-out. This is down to the poor quality of UV LEDs used and not the paint itself.

Clear UV paint have mainly neutral colour appearance on a white / near white surface.     Click here for our range of Black lights.





Need inspiration?

Have a look at our Amazing


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See what one Customer recently did with them...



Adam Hargreaves' Wall Mural created using STARGLOW Clear UV Paints.









Guidelines for using STARGLOW CLEAR UV Paint


As UV pigments will tend to settle after a while you should stir / mix-up the paint well before each and every use.  
Use a white background for the best results. Any colour other than white will diminish the glow.     
Try to build-up thin layers of UV paint to create one thick layer. Generally speaking, The thicker the layer of UV paint the more uniform its appearance and richer the glow.  
Touch dry in 30 mins. Leave each layer at least 2 hours to dry fully before a re-coating.  
Do not over-dilute or 'thin' the UV paint too much as this will impair its performance. Use STARGLOW Reducer for use with an airbrush.  
If you choose to use outdoors you should protect your coating as it may be exposed to harsh weather or hand or foot contact, you should apply three coats of STARGLOW Protective Top-Coat. However, we do not recommend using STARGLOW Paints outdoors.  
For best UV performance apply UV paint over a white primed surface and illuminated with a strong UV Black light in close proximity (Avoid LED based UV lights if possible)  
Do not apply UV paint where it will be over-exposed to direct sunlight. This will reduce the paints performance and effective lifetime.  


These are just guidelines and the user should use their best judgement in working with the paints.




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Estimating how much paint you'll need....

Maximum coverage achievable depends on factors such as surface type, texture, application method and coating thickness.  We provide the following as a conservative guideline only.


Estimated Coverage

A 30ml pot of Paint will cover an area approximately the size of an A4 piece of paper.

A 1lt pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately 8 - 10 Square meters


Don't forget you'll need 2 or more coats in most cases.





Important Notes

Prospective users of our products are advised to firstly purchase a sample in order to fully evaluate the product’s suitability for purpose.

STARGLOW Clear UV Paints are supplied on a made-to-order basis and may incur a lead time for production.  If you have an urgent requirement, please contact us to obtain lead time estimate.

STARGLOW Paints are made fresh to order. For for best results use within 3 months of receipt.

* Invisible / Clear means this paint will have colour-neutral / opaque appearance on a non-UV sensitive white / near white background under normal lighting conditions. Its satin finish may also become apparent from certain viewing angles.

** Clear UV Paints perform best with Fluorescent tube, UV Bulb and UV Canon based Black lights emitting at 365nm. UV LED based Black lights do not always emit the correct frequencies required to fully activate these paints and they emit far too much 'visible light' interference (spill), which can over-power and diminish the fluorescent glow.

*** Ultraviolet paints will fade from prolonged exposure to UV light or sunlight and thus not suitable for long-term outdoor use. Avoid direct sunlight where possible.

STARGLOW SMART Paints are essentially decorative in nature and are therefore unsuitable for use as a floor paint or any situation where the paint will be exposed to excessive wear or physical contact.

10 year Guarantee does not apply to STARGLOW Paints used externally.

These paints are NOT suitable for use on skin.  If you require a skin-safe invisible UV paint click here.





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If you need any help or advice please do call or email us. We love to help :-0)


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