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Instant Starry-Sky SMART Paint




A Galaxy of Stars in a Jar!



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Brand New Water-Based Polyurethane Formulation for STARGLOW Paints

 ● Polyurethane based for improved strength, durability and lifespan

 ● Greatly improved shelf-life (6 months)

 ● Water based for safety and kind to the Environment (Low VOCs)

 ● Quick-drying, hardwearing and water-proof




Stars which can create something like this...

Mouse-over this Image to see the Daytime-Appearance

A Starry-Ceiling sample shown with a few additional STARGLOW SuperStars (area approx 1 square meter)




 Starglow Animated Pixie - loading ......


Developed and produced in the UK by GLOWTEC. STARGLOW Pixie Paint™ (patent pending) is a clear paint made with a new kind of tiny glowing stars which add an exciting new dimension to Children's Interior Design. 

Pixie Paint contains thousands of tiny ultra-bright glowing crystals, which when charged with artificial light, will glow just like real stars. At night this virtually invisible magical starry paint, will transform any textured white ceiling into a magical vista of shining stars.



Made with Stars in 3 Glowing Colours











A stunning effect, yet so simple to do


Starglow Pixie paint 3D Depth example


Mouse over this image to see the Starry effects





Apply extra coats for even more stars ....



Apply more Pixie Paint for even more stars.


Mouse over this image to see the Starry effects







How to Make a Fabulous Starry Ceiling...


Its never been easier to make your own starry 'space' ceiling than it is now with Pixie Paint. Using a combination of STARGLOW Mini-Stars or Green Glow Paint or for individual star constellations / birth signs, and Pixie Paint for an amazing 'Milky-way' effect, you can quickly create a stunning effect that will lasts for many years.



Mouse-over this Image to see the Daytime-Appearance

A Starry-Ceiling sample shown with additional STARGLOW SuperStars (area approx 1 square meter)




1   Apply Star Constellations / Birth Signs with STARGLOW SuperStars or STARGLOW Glow paint.
2   Apply Pixie Paint in random patches of varying shapes and sizes, flowing across the ceiling in a wide band, to look like the Milky-way.
3   Lay back, turn out the lights and relax.





Zoom-in on a section of a Starry-Night Ceiling


Mouse over this picture to see the Full Effect magnified




STARGLOW Starry-Ceiling Kit 1


STARGLOW Starry-Ceiling Kit 2

STARGLOW Starry Ceiling Kit 1


Starglow Starry Ceiling Kit 2



Why not add-in STARGLOW Stickers to totally transform your Child's Bedroom into a nocturnal wonderland.  For your little princess we have Fairies, Unicorns and Dancing Princesses. For your little Boy we have Dinosaurs, Cowboys, Sea Creatures, Space Rockets, planets etc. 

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April 2017

Hi Glowtec.

I am not sure how I can get a good picture of my son's ceiling that we did with Pixie Paint, but it is brilliant. We brushed it in big bands in some places, but the best bits were where we created spiral galaxies and concentric rings. We also added the tiny stick on stars. These are amazing because they are virtually invisible in daylight.

They worked best when we put them in gaps in the Pixie Paint - we created specific constellations for each member of our family. The glow is incredible. After a sunny day, they glow well into the early hours of the morning - I have seen them still glowing at 4am!  Even on an overcast Winter's day,  we get a good glow at bedtime.

Best regards.

Gillian Anthony





Other Great Applications

Starry-Night Ceilings is just one great application for this revolutionary new kind of paint. For a whole new dimension in after-dark room design, try it on bedroom lampshades, posters, modern artwork etc


  Looks amazing on...

  • Ceilings

  • lampshades

  • Paper Lanterns 

  • Posters

  • Artwork

A simple paper lantern coated with Pixie Paint

Mouse over this image


Please ensure the painted surface is always out-of-reach of 'small hands' and other accidental 'physical' contact which might dislodge the delicate glow particles.




Great effects can be produced with a jar of Pixie Paint and a little imagination




















    Your Questions Answered...


Q: What colour is this paint?

It is actually a clear satin coating which contains tiny particles, which are themselves a light green in colour. However once applied they are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Q: Does it go on smooth?

No. This paint leaves a slightly textured coating owing to the  special STARGLOW 'Star' particles contained in the paint.  This would be more apparent on a smooth ceiling than on a textured one.

Q: Can I apply this paint over any other colour?

For optimum performance, this paint should be applied to a White or light coloured surface, but yes, you could use it on darker surfaces thought this may reduce the glow performance and reveal the 'star-particles' in normal / daylight.

Q: Will I be able to see this paint in the day time?

If you apply over a white surface the paint should be virtually unnoticeable / invisible in daytime. However It is not 'totally' invisible.  Ideally the is paint is best used on a textured ceiling as a smooth 'matt' ceilings tend draw the eye to the slightest blemish. Pixie Paint has a 'satin sheen' to it which may be noticeable under certain lighting or from certain viewing angles. However the the fun and enjoyment of a Starry Ceiling at night, far out weigh any minor daytime presence.

Q: How long with this paint glow for?

The advanced Glow-in-the-Dark technology used in the creation of this paint, will deliver up to 12 hours glowing time and last for many years.  To enjoy the Pixie Paint effect at its best, we recommend you turn-on the bedroom lights (or use a mains UV Black light) to charge-up the paint for 20-30 minutes before bedtime.

Q: Will I need special UV lighting?

Whilst daylight (natural light) will charge this paint,  by the time the dark of night has arrived it will only result in a weak glow as most of the energy stored will already have been used. If the room has suitable electric lighting, then this should be adequate to charge the ceiling for 20 - 30 minutes or so before bedtime. However For the best effect and glow performance, we recommend using a mains UV Black light.

Q: How do you achieve the different star densities?

Easy. Once the first coat has dried, simply apply a second and perhaps even a third coating to those areas where you want a greater density of glow stars.

Q: Is there any odour with the paint?

Odours are normally associated with solvent / spirit based paints. Pixie Paint is a safe, water based acrylic paint which has a slight sweet smell whilst wet, but certainly no odour.

Q: Is it really as easy to use as it looks?

Oh yes.





The perfect finishing touch to your child's room....


A Clear Slightly-Textured Particle Coating
Super-Long 12+ Hour Glow Time
A 'Blanket of Stars' in just one coat
Virtually Invisible  (on a white textured ceiling)
Safe, Non-Toxic and Virtually Odourless.
Charges on Artificial Light
Will Glow & Recharge Indefinitely
Guaranteed to Last for 10 Years
Developed & Manufactured in the UK




Here's what a couple of satisfied customers wrote.....


Hi Glowtec,

I have just purchased another 2 litres of Pixie Paint.  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

I have it on my kitchen ceiling, I know it sounds odd to have it there but this is a ‘party’ kitchen. It looks great after normal lighting but it really comes to life under black lights.  You have to see it to believe it........
I have been using this product for years, and every now and again I give my ceiling another coat.  It is so easy to use and I would say it goes on easier than emulsion. 
Sounds pricey?  I thought so at first, but I can honestly say it is money well spent.
I would, and do, tell anyone and everyone to try it.
thank you



March 2015

Dear Glowtec

Just wanted to tell you how thrilled our son is with his bedroom! In fact, we all like it so much that I have also painted our bedroom ceiling too!

We were ever so pleased that we had more than enough for one ceiling.

It's the most magical fabulous stuff, that pixie paint.!

Thank you again for transforming our home into an enchanted magical place. I can not praise Glowtec enough.

With regards

Sandy Cameron & family





STARGLOW PIXIE PAINT - A Galaxy of stars in a Jar


Another World 1st for



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STARGLOW Paints Are Guaranteed For 10 years

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Pixie Paint Coverage

Because you would not normally cover the entire surface area of a ceiling with Pixie Paint (you would normally leave large gaps for great effect) it is not so easy to say what the actual coverage is.  However as a guideline, the figures below will give you a more realistic idea in terms of actual overage of painted area.  

A 120ml pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately 1 - 2 Square meters

A 240ml pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately 2 - 3 Square meters

A 500ml pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately 4 - 5 Square meters

A 1lt pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately 8 - 10 Square meters





Important Notes

Before adopting commercially, prospective users of our products are advised to firstly purchase a sample in order to fully evaluate the product’s suitability for purpose.

Due to the large particle size content of this paint it should always be applied where it will be out of the reach of children and not exposed to any physical contact that may dislodge the particles.

Glow-in-the-Dark / luminous paints are not suitable for outdoor use where daylight is the only source of energy for the paints to obtain their charge.

STARGLOW Paints are produced fresh to order. For best results they should be used within 3 months of receipt.

Children should be supervised when using this product.





If you need any help or advice please do call or email us. We love to help :-0)


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