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Manufactured from the finest Rare-Earth minerals (Strontium Aluminate). The STARGLOW range of Next-Generation Glow Powders are Industrial-Strength Photo-luminescent (phosphorescent) Pigments, which are white (or off-white) in daylight and can Glow-in-the-Dark for several hours (greater than 24 hours in some cases)

Each colour in the STARGLOW range is heat, solvent and water resistant, which makes it extremely versatile and suitable for use in hundreds safety and craft applications. Contact us to discuss your requirements.



STARGLOW Powders are Guaranteed for 10 Years

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STARGLOW Powders can be added to...

  • Clear Adhesives

  • Clear Inks

  • Clear Paints

  • Clear Plastics

  • Clear Epoxy Resin

  • Clear Gel & Wax






Possible Production uses are...
Blow Moulding Injection Moulding
Brushing Painting
Glass / Ceramics Dusting
Coatings Printing
Dipping Rollering
EPOXY Resin Casting Stencilling




Glow Resin filled table top

An Example of a beautiful hand-crafted glow-powder-resin-filled table-top.




Hand made Starglow Cosmic Pendant

An exquisite hand-made cast resin 'Cosmic' pendent made with STARGLOW Powder & Pixie dust

(Commissioned to mark the 10 anniversary of GLOWTECS' invention of the Multi-Colour Cosmic Ceiling back in 2003)




Hand-made Starglow charm bracelet

Example of a hand-made cast resin charm-bracelet with STARGLOW Powder & Pixie dust








Not all glow powders are the same!

This graph shows how each glow colour compares in terms of its glow brightness and duration



Starglow Luminous glow powder relative performance graph



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Click here for Starglow White Powder

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How it works

In simple terms, microscopic glow-in-the-dark (photo-luminescent) crystals absorb invisible Ultra-Violet (UV) light from  day-light and artificial electric-lights etc and re-emit that energy as visible light over a extended period of time.

The UV energy absorbed by the glow powder is very small in energy terms, with the majority of this stored energy, being burned-off initially over a short period of time as a 'bright glow'  (the duration of which depends on glow colour). The remaining retained energy is rationed and discharged as a dimmer but long lasting glow, gradually diminishing over an extended period of time (known as the Afterglow - again the length of this duration depends on glow colour).

Glow-in-the-dark products are glowing all the time (assuming they are charged) and do not wait for darkness, this is the reason the stronger glow colours (Green and Aqua) look a little green in normal / day light. 

For more answers to common questions, see our FAQs page: CLICK HERE




Basic guidelines for using STARGLOW Powder


Mix STARGLOW powder with compatible clear mediums at between 20-30% by volume.  
Use a white background for the best results. Any colour other than white will diminish the glow.     
Try to build-up thin layers of glow powder to create one thick layer. Generally speaking, The thicker the layer of Glow powder, the longer and richer the afterglow.  
Do not grind STARGLOW powder nor use in mediums with high acidity.  
Do not over-dilute or 'thin' the glow-paint too much as this will impair its performance. Use STARGLOW Reducer for use with an airbrush.  
Always properly test the chemical compatibility of powder and medium before use.  
Store STARGLOW powder in a cool, dry air-tight container.  


These are just guidelines. Users should use their best judgement in working with the pigments.




Starglow Pixiedust Granules - click here

Green, Aqua & Sky-Blue




Mixed size 'glow-granules' suitable for sprinkle decoration or mixing in with glow paints etc to bring a new glowing dimension to Arts & Crafts.

Available in:  GREEN, AQUA and SKY-BLUE

For best results with glow paints, only use with:  Sky-Blue, Purple, Orange, White or Red Paints.

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Important Notes

Please Note:  It is not possible to guarantee this kind of powder will be suitable for your application. The luminous nature of this powder when used correctly is a given, what varies is how it is used and how it is charged etc. We strongly recommend you order a sample to check if it is suitable for your particular application.

STARGLOW Glow Powder can been safely used in a multitude of clear or opaque spirit mediums, however it is important you test the compatibility of powder and medium before use. We recommend you order a sample of the glow powder first to allow you to do this. 

Glow powder is in fact a microscopic crystal which is usually suspended in a clear medium. The weight (specific gravity) of these crystals is quite high so they will naturally settle due to the effects of gravity.

Loose powder products are non-returnable.





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If you need any help or advice please do call or email us. We love to help :-0)


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