A white UV revealing powder and gel based theft detection kit with UV forensic torch.

A simple low-cost UV theft detection kit based on the white Dyetective powder and gel compounds and contains the basics you’ll need to catch a thief.  Best for money / cash theft detection.

GLOWTEC Quality Assured.  If it doesn’t bear our name then its not the same!  Only Starglow products are guaranteed for 10 years.

Prices exclude VAT and Delivery.


Compound #1:   5ml Powder
Compound #2:   10ml Gel
Normal Appearance:   Clear / Neutral
UV DYE Colour:    Bright White
UV Source:    UV Forensic Torch
UV Marker:    Permanent
Latex gloves:    Included
Cotton bag:    Included
Indoor use:    Yes
Outdoor use:    No
COSHH:   Non-Toxic

Important Notes

A range of British made UV theft detection tools and affordable kits, all based on our unique Dyetective Compounds, and all designed to help catch a thief.

WHITE DYETECTIVE – Invisible UV White Hand Stain Dye for the discreet stain-staining of skin and clothing. The stubborn white stain only becomes visible under ultraviolet light and can remain on the hands for several hours; which is more than enough time to catch your thief.

Note: The length of time the stain remains detectable on skin depends on how often and how well the suspect washes their hands.


Delivery Information

UK Standard Delivery: £4.99 or Express  / Courier Delivery:  £9.99
FREE UK Standard Delivery on orders over  £95

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TUESDAYs (Post) WEDNESDAYs (Courier) THURSDAYs (Post) FRIDAYs (Courier)

Please Note: We are unable to ship orders on Mondays.

We only ship EU and International orders via Courier.

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