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Versatile Retro-Reflective Clear Top-Coats



STARGLOW Retro-Reflective Clear Top-Coat Paint.
Clear Reflective and Ultra Clear Reflective (Grey)









Brand New Water-Based Polyurethane Formulation for STARGLOW Paints

 ● Polyurethane based for improved strength, durability and lifespan

 ● Greatly improved shelf-life (6 months)

 ● Water based for safety and kind to the Environment (Low VOCs)

 ● Quick-drying, hardwearing and water-proof





Starglow Reflective Top-Coat / Paint

Apply as a single thin, even layer with no top coat.



 These paints can be used on...








A new range of light-reflecting clear coating, made using high-index microscopic glass beads, which when hit by a beam of light, reflect the light back at the source to sparkle back like thousands of tiny cats-eyes, a characteristic which makes it an idea 'safety' or 'obstacle marking' paint. 

STARGLOW Reflective Paints are made using a safe, non-toxic water-based PU formulation and as such, are very tough and more than equal to solvent based formulations.

Clear Reflective's unusual 'frost-like' characteristic also makes this coating suitable for other more creative artistic uses.

Retro-Reflective materials have traditionally been used mainly in Traffic (Road) Signs and Safety Clothing Applications. As people have become more craft orientated and resourceful, STARGLOW Reflective Paints are now being used for many new and innovative applications.







STARGLOW Retro-Reflective Clear Paint


STARGLOW Ultra-Reflective Clear Paint

A Dry-Clear retro-reflective top-coat, suitable for use with all background colours with a matt or sheen surface. Being a clear coating means it lets the background colour come through under normal conditions


A Dry Clear / Translucent* but Higher-Performance retro-reflective top-coat, suitable for use on all darker background colours with either a matt glossy surface.


* Ultra reflective can appear as a light grey coating if applied too thickly on a white surface.




Will this paint do what I want?

Almost impossible to answer this question with absolute certainty as every situation is different from the next and every customer has different expectations and needs. 

The retro-reflective properties of this paint are determined by such factors as; surface-type, height, relative- viewing-angle-to-light-source, distance from light source, light source strength etc.

The only way to know for sure is to try it and see. To this end we do have small 30ml trial-size sample pots available to buy on this web site.

Please note:  Due to the simple nature of this coating, it can never equal the performance of  manufactured reflective materials, such as those used on safety jackets and metallised multi-layered reflective traffic signs, but its still good, and as close as you can get in liquid form! (particularly Ultra Reflective).

Reflective coatings work better when reflecting from a distance rather than close up. In much the same way as a distant road sign reflects when driving towards it at night.

Under normal light conditions the coating should be clear and unobtrusive, so to see the reflective effect yourself, try holding a torch (flashlight) up at eye-level and point it directly at the painted surface or take a flash-photo and see the reflection in the photo.  The end-result will depend on light / flash strength and distance, but you'll get the idea.




Example of Both Coatings on a Black Background



Light source:  Camera Flash Reflection

Move mouse pointer over the image to see its 'Non-Reflecting' state

 (Note: Reflection is best viewed from a distance and not close-to)




Light source:  Camera Flash Reflection

Move mouse pointer over the image to see its 'Non-Reflecting' state




These paints Dry Clear* which means they
can be applied to ANY COLOUR of  surface!

* Ultra Reflective is 'opaque-grey' and may darken a lighter coloured surface.




  A Great Safety Paint for...
 Clothing & Fabrics

Infrared Reflection
 Path Edge Marking

Sign Making

 Obstacle Marking

Gate Posts

 Traffic Bollards

Lamp Posts

 Rocks & Protrusions

Chromakey Effects







How does it work?

An ultra-thin layer of reflective micro-beads, held in a clear coating will retro-reflect the incoming light directly back to its source.





Stone cat with 'Reflective-Paint' eyes




Dear Glowtec.

I used it on my teenage boys coats and school kit bags so they can be seen in the dark waiting for the school bus. Apparently it is not cool to wear a bright shiny wrist band or have reflectors on bag, so applying the paint which is hardly visible in daytime was a helpful non invasive solution.





Dear Glowtec.

I must admit I was a little sceptical about your product when I placed the order but have to say I'm very impressed.

Since our local council swapped out the bulb in the street light in our cul-de-sac with a cheaper to run and less bright option, our driveway has been very dark. I've fitted a few reflectors on the front of the small wall that runs down one side but they are not always visible as you reverse. That's when I started looking for a reflective paint option.

I've now painted a thick white line along the edge of the wall and coated it with your reflective paint. The result is amazing even where I've painted it directly onto the concrete.

I'm now looking at other applications around the house for what is a great product.






STARGLOW Reflective Top-Coats may be used on a wide range of surfaces providing they are pre-painted with a water based base coat where appropriate (do not apply over solvent / oil based primers or base-coats) and clean and free from dirt, oil, grease and loose particles etc. 




 May be applied using...

Spray Gun (Recommended)
Smooth Roller
Regular Brush




STARGLOW Ultra-Reflective paint on fabric revealed by camera-flash for a great effect







Basic guidelines for using Retro-Reflective Paint


Must be applied as a single, thin, even coating, preferably by Spray gun or Airbrush.

As reflective pigments will tend to settle after a while you should stir the paint really well  before each use.
Use a gloss surface as the background for the best results on Clear reflective.
Touch dry in 30 mins. Leave reflective top-coat for 3 hours to dry properly.
Do not over-dilute or 'thin' the paint too much as this will impair its ability to suspend the reflective beads in the medium and reduce the lifespan of the paint.
Do not apply any other top-coat or sealer over the top of a reflective layer.
Reflective paint is a decorative paint so do not expose to wear and tear or other contact.
Retro-Reflection is best achieved over a distance and not close-too.

These are just guidelines. The user should use their best judgement in working with the paints.





Estimating how much paint you'll need....

Maximum coverage achievable depends on factors such as surface type, texture, application method and coating thickness.  We provide the following as a conservative guideline only. 

This particular paint is best applied using a good quality adjustable-nozzle spray gun / airbrush, as a single thin coating with absolutely no other top coat applied.


Estimated Coverage

A 30ml pot of Paint will cover an area approximately the size of an A4 piece of paper.

A 1lt pot of STARGLOW Paint will cover an area approximately 10 - 12 Square meters





Important notes

Prospective users of our products are advised to firstly purchase a sample in order to fully evaluate the products suitability for purpose.

Please Note:  It is not possible to guarantee this paint will be suitable for your application. The reflective nature of this paint when used correctly is a given, what varies is where and how the paint is used which is different for each and every customer. We strongly recommend you order a sample / tester pot to check if it is suitable for your particular application.

STARGLOW SMART Paints are essentially decorative in nature and are therefore unsuitable for use as a floor paint or any situation where the paint will be exposed to excessive wear or physical contact.

STARGLOW Paints are made fresh to order. For for best results use within 3 months of receipt.

10 year Guarantee does not apply to STARGLOW Paints used externally.

These paints are NOT suitable for use on skin. 








If you need any help or advice please do call or email us. We love to help :-0)


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