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STARGLOW Starry-Night Ceiling with Mini-Stars

Mouse-over this Image to see its Daytime-Appearance

Area of Ceiling sample shown - Approximately 1 square meter


Its never been easier to make your own Starry-Sky 'Space' Ceiling than it is now with our Starry Ceiling Kits.

Using either STARGLOW SuperStars or Glow Paint, you can create individual Star Constellations and Birth Signs when combined with Pixie Paint for its amazing 'Milky-way' effect, you can quickly create a stunning effect which is 'virtually' invisible* in the daytime.




 ...and its as easy as 1 2 3


1   Apply Star Constellations / Birth Signs with Mini Super-Stars or STARGLOW Glow paint. 
2   Apply Pixie Paint in random swathes and patches of varying sizes, snaking across the ceiling in a wide band to look like the Milky-way.
3   Lay back, turn out the lights and chill.




Zoom-in on a section of a Starry-Night Ceiling


Mouse over this picture to see the full effect




Here's what a few of our  satisfied customers said...

Hello Glowtec.

I painted my first star ceiling for our lass as a Christmas present. Despite it being a modern papered off-white textured ceiling, I managed to make it invisible, but what an effect WOW!

We ended up lay on the bed, hand in hand, listening to Vangelis, and journeying in space! A few minutes of black light charge lasted all night, and only 5 days from our longest night too. 

The idea is to do the grandchildren's bedroom ceilings next.

Thank you.

H Lawton. Bradford



Hi Glowtec,

I have just purchased another 2 litres of Pixie Paint.  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

I have it on my kitchen ceiling, I know it sounds odd to have it there but this is a ‘party’ kitchen. It looks great after normal lighting but it really comes to life under blacklights.  You have to see it to believe it........
I have been using this product for years, and every now and again I give my ceiling another coat.  It is so easy to use and I would say it goes on easier than emulsion. 
Sounds pricey?  I thought so at first, but I can honestly say it is money well spent.
I would, and do, tell anyone and everyone to try it.
thank you



Dear Glowtec

Just wanted to tell you how thrilled our son is with his bedroom! In fact, we all like it so much that I have also painted our bedroom ceiling too!

We were ever so pleased that we had more than enough for one ceiling.

It's the most magical fabulous stuff, that pixie paint.!

Thank you again for transforming our home into an enchanted magical place.   I can not praise Glowtec enough.


With regards

Sandy Cameron & family







STARGLOW Starry Ceiling Kit 1

  Starglow Starry Ceiling Kit 2


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Another World 1st for



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If you need any help or advice please do call or email us. We love to help :-0)



* If you apply over a white surface the paint should be 'virtually' unnoticeable (invisible) in daytime. However it is not 'totally' invisible. Ideally this paint is best used on a CLEAN white 'textured' ceiling, as smooth 'matt' ceilings tend draw the eye to the slightest blemish. Pixie paint has 'satin sheen' to it, so it may be noticeable under certain lighting or from certain viewing angles. However the pleasure and enjoyment of a Starry Ceiling at night far out-weighs any minor daytime presence. Click here for more information about our Pixie paint.

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