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This sturdy High-Grade Aluminium cased torch, produces a powerful UV Filtered Black light Beam, making it an ideal tool for use with UV based material identification, antique flaw detection, contamination and leak tracing. Unlike ordinary 'cheap' UV torches, this unit produces a High-Quality Invisible UV Output and with its unique UV PRO Filter, 95% of visible light output (interference) is removed, to deliver a clean, fluorescence especially with close-up work.

Beware of cheap, poor quality imitations!  If it doesn't bear our name, then it's not the same

UV Source 9 x UV-LEDs
Operation Single Mode (9 LED)
UV Output Genuine 380nm
UV Pro Filter 360-385nm
Batteries 3 x AAA (not supplied)
Construction Polished Steel
Size 100 x 30mm
Body Colour Polished Steel



GLOWTEC UV PRO Forensic Torch / Flashlight


Click here for the low-down on UV Light and How to check which frequency its using.


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