A water based fluro-luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) HI-VIS safety paint, made the way you want it.

A mid-performance, fluro-luminescent, HI-VIS Safety paint which is not only bright and highly visible in normal or low-light conditions, but will also glow-in-the-dark too should the lighting suddenly fail.

Whilst this paint is tough and waterproof when dry, it will require a protective top-coat for prolonged outdoor use. See ‘Important Notes‘ tab for more details. If you require any advice or assistance in choosing the right paint for your purpose, contact us on: 0161 726 5904  or  email: If you are unsure of how this paint works or its suitability for your purpose, please email or call to discuss first and / or order a sample to try.

If this paint will be exposed to high levels of wear and tear / foot or wheel contact, it will require protecting with an appropriate clear protective top coat for the degree of wear and tear etc.

Paints are non-stock items made fresh to order and therefore cannot be returned. Prices exclude VAT and Delivery.

GLOWTEC Quality Assured:  If it doesn’t bear our name then its not the same!  Only Starglow Paints are guaranteed for 10 years.

Click here for details on how to use this paint properly!

Weight 0.5 kg
Paint Size

1 Litre, 120ml, 240ml, 30ml, 500ml, 60ml




Day colour:   Fluoro Yellow
Glow colour:   Yellow-Green fading to dim green
Afterglow:   3-4 hrs max  approx
Lifespan:   10 years +
UV reactive:   YES
Waterproof:   YES
Drying time:   20m – 1 hr
Available Sizes (ml):   60ml – 1ltr
Application Methods:  Brush, roller or spray
ECO Friendly Water based Polyurethane Formulation with Low VOCs
COSHH:  Non-Toxic
Made in the UK

Shelf life:  Use within 6 months of purchase

Important Notes

Before adopting commercially, prospective users of our products are advised to firstly purchase a sample in order to fully evaluate the product’s suitability for purpose.

Starglow paints are made fresh to order and therefore large orders may incur an extended lead time for production. If you have an urgent requirement, please contact us to obtain lead time estimate.

Glow-in-the-Dark / luminous paints are not really suitable for use daylight is the only source of energy for the paints to obtain their charge. We recommend the use of a mains-powered Black light to ensure a maximum charge and best glow performance.

Fluro-luminescent is a fusion of UV Fluorescent and Photo-luminescent Technologies.

Starglow Paints will require a suitable clear protective layer for use as a floor paint or any situation where the paint will be exposed to excessive wear or physical contact.  We recommend using a a suitable clear Polyurethane protective top-coat if there is any risk of prolonged wear and tear.

For best results, always apply over a white or white-primed surface.  The darker the background colour the weaker the glow!

If you are unsure of how this paint works or its suitability for your purpose, please email or call to discuss first and / or order a sample to try.

We do not supply aerosol based paints, however our paints may be used with a good quality spray gun or a suitable airbrush. Where paints require thinning down for use in spray equipment, you may use a little water to achieve this. Only use a little so as not to impair the paints suspension and binding capabilities.

Starglow paints are non-stock items made fresh to order and therefore cannot be returned.

For for best results use within 6 months of receipt.

These paints are NOT suitable for use on skin.

This is paint is NOT suitable for applications where it will be exposed to high levels of wear and tear / foot or wheel contact etc.

10 year Guarantee does not apply to Starglow Paints used externally.

Do's & Don'ts

STARGLOW Luminous (glow-in-the-Dark) Paint is not like ordinary paint so here are the main do’s and don’ts:


  • Order a 30ml sample jar to test the paint is suitable for your purposes first!
  • Stir well before each and every use.
  • Apply over a white background.
  • Ensure surfaces are white-primed (ideally) and free of dirt/loose bits, grease and oil etc.
  • Apply protective top-coat if wear ‘n’ tear or excessive contact is likely.
  • Apply 2-3 uniformly applied coats and allow each time to cure before applying the next.
  • Be sure to read ‘How to use our paint‘ to understand the nature and limitations of the paint.
  • If unsure, email or call our Expert Helpline to discuss any specific application you may have.


  • Rely on daylight to charge the paint.
  • Assume any light will charge it!  It requires UV rich light to properly charge the paint
  • Use outdoors other than in a very dark / shadowed area where there is NO light
  • Apply over a black or dark background
  • Use on surfaces that will get hot!
  • Use on skin or hair!
  • Mix with any other paint!

About Consistency

To ensure your paints are fresh when you receive them, we make them to fresh to order.

We have now further improved our service to include your preference of paint ‘thickness’.

  • THIN  –  A Soup-like consistency, not thickened (thin) best for use in a spray gun or air brush.
  • MEDIUM  –  A Yogurt-like consistency, best all-round choice for most brush or roller applications.
  • THICK –  A Custard-like consistency suitable for dipping or dabbing as well as brush application.

We strongly recommend you order a sample to test suitability for your purpose. 


See ‘Delivery’ tab on the menu bar for more detailed shipping and delivery information.

Whilst we can usually turn around most web orders within 1-3 working days. Please bear in mind our smart paints are literally made fresh to order so please allow time for the order to be processed and produced for you. If you have genuinely urgent order, please contact us first to ensure we are able to turn around your order in time.  Please appreciate that there will be other customer’s orders ahead in the queue!

Orders Dispatched:  MONDAY (Courier)   TUESDAY (Post/Special-D)   WEDNESDAY  (Courier)   THURSDAY  (Post/Special-D)  FRIDAY  (Courier)

UK Delivery options

Standard Delivery is a flat rate delivery charge using Royal Mail’s 1st Class Parcel Post.

Special-Delivery (small parcels) and UK Courier (larger/heavier parcels) will provide a swift next day delivery from the day of dispatch and NOT from the date of order.

Note: We do not to offer a specific ‘Next Day Delivery’ option as we cannot realistically guarantee such a service, especially in the current climate.

If you require a recorded / tracked delivery, please select either the Express Delivery or Courier Delivery option at checkout.

EU & International Orders

As of July 1st 2021 there are new EU rules on how VAT is charged for online / web orders.  As a result, orders originating from any EU country below a net value of 150 Euros / £135 will now have VAT added at the prevailing rate of that country. We therefore have a £136 Minimum Order Value for Private (Non-Business) EU orders.

NOTE:  Whilst we will not add VAT to your order, VAT and Customs charges will be payable once the goods have arrived in your country.

EU Businesses with a verifiable VAT and EORI number will not be affected by this change and may contact us directly if they need to place an order below £136 net, however, we do have a standard £50 net Minimum Order Value for ALL EU and International orders.

We will only ship EU and International orders at the Buyers risk. Once the goods are handed over to the courier they become the buyers property and responsibility.

For reasons of security and speed, we only ship EU and International orders via Express Courier.  Delivery charges are calculated at checkout.

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