A water-based, UV fluorescent paint, made the way you want it.


A  professional grade, high performance, hard-wearing fluorescent (UV Reactive / UV Sensitive) paint, suitable for indoor or limited outdoor use. Its solvent-free, water based Polyurethane formulation makes it safe, non-toxic and eco friendly. Starglow UV NEON paints are vibrant and colourful in daylight and glow brightly under UV light having a higher concentration of SMART UV pigments for a richer, brighter uv glow.

See ‘Important Notes‘ tab for more details. If you require any advice or assistance in choosing the right paint for your purpose, contact us on: 0161 726 5904  or  email: If you are unsure of how this paint works or its suitability for your purpose, please email or call to discuss first and / or order a 60ml sample pot to try.

Starglow Paints are non-stock items made fresh to order and therefore cannot be returned. Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

GLOWTEC Quality Assured:  If it doesn’t bear our name then its not the same!  Only Starglow Paints are guaranteed for 10 years.

Consistency Note:  We can only provide THIN consistency on 500ml and 1ltr sizes only.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Paint Size

1 Litre, 120ml, 240ml, 500ml, 60ml




Day colour:   Blue
UV colour:   Fluorescent Blue
Afterglow:   None
UV reactive:   YES
Waterproof:   YES
Drying time:   <1 hr
Sizes (ml):   60ml – 1ltr
Application Methods:  Brush, roller or spray
ECO Friendly Waterbased Polyurethane Formulation with Low VOCs
COSHH:   Non-Toxic
Made in the UK

Important Notes

Before adopting commercially, prospective users of our products are advised to firstly purchase a sample in order to fully evaluate the product’s suitability for purpose.

Starglow Paints are supplied on a made-to-order basis and large orders may incur a lead time for production. If you have an urgent requirement, please contact us to obtain lead time estimate.

Ultraviolet paints will fade from prolonged exposure to direct Sunlight and thus not suitable for long-term outdoor use. Avoid direct sunlight where possible.

Starglow SMART Paints are essentially decorative in nature and are therefore unsuitable for use as a floor paint or any situation where the paint will be exposed to excessive wear or physical contact.  We recommend using a clear Polyurethane protective top-coat if there is any risk of regular wear-and-tear or if using outdoors.

For best results, always apply over a white or water-based white-primed surface.  The darker the background colour the weaker the glow!

We do not supply aerosol based paints, however our paints may be used with a good quality spray gun or a suitable airbrush. Where paints require thinning down for use in spray equipment, you may use a little water to achieve this. Only use a little so as not to impair the paints suspension and binding capabilities.

If you are unsure of how this paint works or its suitability for your purpose, please email or call to discuss first and / or order a sample to try.

Starglow paints are non-stock items made fresh to order and therefore cannot be returned.

These paints are NOT suitable for use on skin.

Do not allow children to use this product unsupervised.

For for best results use within 6 months of receipt.

Do not use these paints where they will be exposed to direct sunlight.

10 year Guarantee does not apply to Starglow Paints used externally.

About Consistency

To ensure your paints are fresh when you receive them, we make them to fresh to order.

We have now further improved our service to include your preference of paint ‘thickness’.

  • THIN  –  A Soup-like consistency, not thickened (thin) best for use in a spray gun or air brush.
  • MEDIUM  –  A Yogurt-like consistency, best all-round choice for most brush or roller applications.
  • THICK –  A Custard-like consistency suitable for dipping or dabbing as well as brush application.

STARGLOW Paints are Made-to-Order and therefore non-refundable and non-returnable.

Therefore we strongly recommend you order a sample to test suitability for your purpose.

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