Premium Grade Photo-Luminescent Powders

High performance luminous glow powders for use in most spirit, oil and water based mediums. 

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So what are Glow-in-the-Dark powders?

Starglow photo-luminescent powders, are essentially microscopic photo-luminescent crystals, which absorb invisible UV energy from existing light sources and then re-emit most of that energy as visible light.

This process happens in real-time so glow powders actually glow all the time, its just that in normal lighting conditions we cannot see this glow effect, but it does tend to give the powder a light greenish appearance. Most of the energy stored by the crystals is re-emitted immediately, however some of that energy is retained and slowly released as a gradually diminishing afterglow.

Starglow Powders are heat, solvent and water resistant, which makes them extremely versatile and suitable for use in hundreds of safety, commercial, artistic and craft applications.

Starglow Powders are ECO safe and non-toxic, can be recharged thousands of times and will last many years.

Suitable Clear mediums...

For optimum performance, Starglow powder should be applied over a suitable white (or white-primed) background.

The Professionals choice

Starglow Powder is high quality, next-generation, industrial strength, premium grade photo-luminescent powder compatible with most mediums and able to cope with extremes of temperature. It is durable, highly versatile and very long-lasting as is underpinned by our unique 10 year guarantee. 

Not all glow powders are the same!

Each colour of Starglow powder has different performance characteristics from the next. For example, Starglow Green has the brightest, longest glowing and most vibrant glow colour, where as Starglow Purple has the weakest glow colour and the shortest glow duration of them all!  Somewhere in between these two, all the other glow colours have their place. In short, colour comes at the price of performance.

So why are our powders so good?

We do not cut corners on quality nor do we use cheap low-performing ingredients, quite the opposite. When you compare Starglow Powders with those from other companies, you’ll see the difference. 

Starglow Powders glow brighter, last longer and look better, but yes, they do cost a little more, but then we do guarantee our glow powders for 10 years. 

Beware of cheap imitations. If it does not bear our are name, then it is NOT the same.

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Here we have a fabulous creation by Adrian Barber. A glow-resin in-fill made using Starglow Green Powder.


Starglow powders are ECO safe, non-toxic and non-radioactive. 

We are so convinced our powders are the best glow powders money can buy, we guarantee* them for 10 years.

* Guarantee excludes external use and wear and tear. Click icon for details.

Starglow Powder at a glance


Suitable for use with most clear / opaque mediums such as clear paint, epoxy resin, glass, wax, plastic. ink, glues, silicone, nail polish and screen printing ink etc

Starglow powder can be charged (excited) indefinitely by most forms of natural or artificial light and last many years.

For most applications between 15-30% powder to medium will produce the best results.  

Do not grind / mill the glow powder as this will damage its crystalline structure and prevent it from working.

Always use against a white background as this will enhance and enrich the resultant glow, where as a dark background will reduce the glow and impede the powders’ effectiveness.

Glow powder does not dissolve into any medium it is simply suspended or allowed to settle as a glowing layer. 

Glow powder has a high specific gravity so it will usually settle relatively quickly unless the viscosity  / thickness of the medium is high enough to keep it suspended. 

The powder can cope with high temperatures (600 C) and so is suitable for use in glass kilns.

Starglow powders are very durable and long-lived making them suitable for use outdoors as well is indoors.


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