For those Darker Venues and Gigs

A set of precision cut, ultra low-profile, self-adhesive, luminous fret position markers, suitable for use on most Guitars and Basses. 

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BASS Guitar fitted with a full set of long Fret-Finders and control-knob position markers
Traditional DOT Fret Finders look great on Acoustic Guitars too
Small dot top-fret position markers with nut marker. So you just charge-up the 'top-edge' for a more discreet effect
BASS Guitar shown here using our new long 'hook-over' Fret-Finders
Fret finders BASS luminous fret dots
No wiring or modifications required

Fret Finders require charging with light to provide the energy they need to glow.

The more charge they receive the brighter they glow and longer they last. You can tailor the level of glow that is right for you and the environment you are performing in, by simply limiting the amount of charge you allow your Fret-Finders to receive.

We recommend a small UV-LED Key-light or Torch be on hand should you need to give them a quick boost, but watch out – they really blaze under UV Stage lights!

Whilst Fret-Finders have a very low-profile (only 0.2mm) they do sit slightly proud of the surface.

Player-eye-view of top-fret position markers
Cover front facing finders when charging and only the top fret position markers will glow
A Fender Strat' fitted with a set of short Fret-Finders and control-knob position markers
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Player-eye-view of top-fret position markers


All our own brand products are designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK for British quality, performance and reliability.


We are so confident in our Fret Finders we Guarantee them to glow for 10 years.  Beat that.

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