STARGLOW Fret Finders


For those darker GIGs and badly lit venues.

A new range of 96 precision-cut, self-adhesive, guitar fret board Illuminators and with no modifications or wiring necessary. They have a 0.2mm ultra-low profile backed with extra strong (non-permanent) adhesive. Fret Finders can be made to glow as brightly (or as dim) as required and will recharge thousands of times and can last for many years. See ‘Important Notes‘ tab for more details.

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GLOWTEC Quality Assured.  If it doesn’t bear our name then its not the same!  Only Starglow products are guaranteed for 10 years.

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Weight 0.1 kg


Primary Application: Guitar Fret / Finger boards
Day Colour:   Pale Green
Glow Colour:   Yellow / Green
Thickness (profile):   0.2 mm
Long Fret Marker:  ( x 12) 30 x 3 mm
Short Fret Marker:   (x 12) 20 x 3 mm
Tab Fret Marker:   (x 15) 6 x 3 mm
Dash Fret Marker:   (x 15) 5 x 2 mm
Round Fret Marker:   (x 18) 6 mm
Small Round Fret Marker:   (x 24) 3 mm
Completely Safe and Non-Toxic
Guaranteed to glow for 10 years
COSHH:  Non-Toxic
Made in the UK

Important Notes

Starglow Fret Finders require charging with light to provide the UV energy they require to glow.

The more ‘light-charge’ they receive the brighter they glow and longer they last. You can tailor the level of glow that is right for you and the environment in which you are performing, by simply increasing the amount of energy (light-charge) you provide them.

To this end, We recommend a small UV-LED Key-light or torch be kept on hand should you need to give them a ‘quick boost’, but watch out – they can really blaze under UV Stage lights!

Whilst Fret-Finders have a very low-profile (only 0.2mm) they do sit slightly proud of the surface. Try to position them where they are less likely to catch or suffer excess wear.

The smallest of the Fret Finders naturally have less adhesive backing than a larger ones, this means they are more likely to come-off or move with repeated contact. If this happens, simply replace with spare ones as and when required.

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