Instant Starry-Sky Ceiling Paint

Developed and produced in the UK by GLOWTEC. Starglow Pixie Paint is an incredible clear ceiling paint containing thousands of tiny glowing stars, to add an exciting new dimension to night time in children’s bedrooms. 

When charged with natural or artificial light, the thousands of tiny crystals, will glow for hours at a time. So at night, this virtually invisible, starry paint, will transform any white ceiling into a magical vista of shining stars.

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A 1 Sqm section of a Pixie-painted white ceiling with Starglow SuperStars added for effect  (As per our Starry Ceiling Kits)

Just one coat of this amazing starry paint will lay down a truly unique, randomly created starry pattern with each and every brush stroke.

Its sooo simple

Hi Glowtec.

I am not sure how I can get a good picture of my son’s ceiling that we did with Pixie Paint, but it is brilliant. We brushed it in big bands in some places, but the best bits were where we created spiral galaxies and concentric rings. We also added the tiny stick on stars. These are amazing because they are virtually invisible in daylight.

They worked best when we put them in gaps in the Pixie Paint – we created specific constellations for each member of our family. The glow is incredible. After a sunny day, they glow well into the early hours of the morning – I have seen them still glowing at 4am! Even on an overcast Winter’s day, we get a good glow at bedtime.

Best regards.

Gillian Anthony

There are other great uses too

A simple paper lantern coated with Pixie Paint

Starry-night ceilings are just one great application for this kind of paint. For a whole new dimension in after-dark room design, try it on bedroom lampshades, or as part of mural artwork etc.

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Søren Kornerup came up with this charming window wall mural idea for her children.

Pixiepainted Dragon

Dominique Wagner created  with this beautiful Chinese dragon sculpture

Pixie paint is actually a clear coating with a matt finish which contains tiny particles/ granules, which are themselves a light green in colour. However once applied over a textured white ceiling, they are virtually invisible to the naked eye.  The particles used to make particles are a mixture of 3 glow colours:  green, aqua-blue and sky-blue.

No. This paint leaves a slightly textured coating owing to the special ‘Star’ particles contained in the paint. This would be more visually apparent on a smooth ceiling than on a textured one.  

For optimum performance, this paint should be applied to a white surface, but yes, in theory you could use it on darker surfaces, though this may reduce the glow performance and the ‘star-particles’ would be more apparent / visible as a result in normal / daylight.

If you apply over a white surface the paint should be virtually unnoticeable / invisible in daytime. However It is not ‘totally’ invisible. Ideally the is paint is best used on a textured ceiling as a smooth ‘matt’ ceilings tend draw the eye to the slightest blemish. However the the fun and enjoyment of a Starry Ceiling at night, far outweigh any minor daytime presence.

The advanced glow-in-the-dark technology used in the creation of this paint, will deliver up to 12 hours glowing time and last for many years. To enjoy the Pixie Paint effect at its best, we recommend you turn-on the bedroom lights (or use a mains UV Black light) to charge-up the paint for 20-30 minutes before bedtime.

Whilst daylight (natural light) will charge this paint, by the time the dark of night has arrived it will only result in a weak glow as most of the energy stored will already have been used. If the room has suitable electric lighting, then this should be adequate to charge the ceiling for 20 – 30 minutes or so before bedtime. However for the really best starry effect and glow performance, we recommend using a mains UV Black light.  

Easy. Once the first coat has dried, simply apply a second and perhaps even a third coating to those areas where you want a greater density of glow stars.  We find patched of uncoated ceiling amongst the glow sections give the appearance of deep space and only enhance the overall effect.  So best not to over do it.  The less is more :-0)

That really depends on the the ceiling coating, colour, texture and paint type.  Whilst Pixiepaint has a matt finish it is not the same as the matt finish of an emulsion paint and so there may well be a difference visible under certain light conditions etc.  That said, most bedrooms are unoccupied in the daytime so it usually makes little difference and the night time effect more than makes up for it.

Odours are normally associated with solvent / spirit based paints. Pixie Paint is a safe, water based paint which has at worst a very slight sweet smell whilst wet, but certainly no unpleasant odour.

Unlike ordinary ceiling paint, Pixie paint is not meant to cover the whole surface of the ceiling, far from it.  Pixie paint best applied as irregular shaped strips and patches of random size, shape and position across the surface. How much you have is entirely up to you and the effect you want.  Stay away from the ceiling edges and corners, so at night in the dark; when a white ceiling will look black, all you should see is a blanket of stars. 

In terms of coverage we say 350ml jar should be enough for a typical bedroom ceiling.  This is jar size we supply with our Starry-Sky Ceiling Kits too.  If you want more stars you an always add more if you wish.

What are Glow-in-the-Dark paints?

Often referred to as phosphorescent, illuminous, luminous or luminescent paints, are essentially a clear paint suspension containing microscopic photo-luminescent crystals, which absorb invisible UV energy from existing light sources and then re-emit most of that energy as visible light.  

This process happens in real-time so glow paints actually glow all the time, its just that in normal lighting conditions we cannot see this glow effect, but it does tend to give the paint a light greenish appearance. The energy the crystals do not re-emit immediately, is retained and slowly released as a gradually diminishing afterglow. Starglow paints can be recharged thousands of times and last many years.

Starglow Paints are made in the UK using the very latest in photo-luminescent technology, for a brighter, richer, longer-lasting glow.  

These high-performance, water-based paints are solvent-free and non-toxic.

So why are our paints so good?

Because we make ’em that way.  We do not cut corners on quality nor do we use cheap ingredients, quite the opposite. When you compare Starglow paints with those made by other companies, you’ll see the difference. Starglow paints are premium grade so they glow brighter, last longer and look better, but yes, they do cost a little more.

By only using the very best of ingredients available and optimum pigmentation, do we achieve the results we are happy with, and if we’re not happy why should you be?

We make Starglow paints to be ECO safe, waterproof, washproof, tough and flexible; able to cope with most demanding interior and exterior applications.

So yes, we could produce cheap, poor quality paints, but why would we put our name to that?

Starglow paints are based on a non-toxic water based PU Acrylic formula, free from solvents and harmful chemicals. They have low VOCs, are non-flammable nor harmful to the environment. Virtually odourless, these paints are quick-drying and brushes wash out in water. What’s not to like?

Starglow paints are proudly manufactured right here the UK for quality, performance and reliability.

We are so convinced our paints are the best Luminous, UV and Reflective SMART paints money can buy, we only Guarantee* them for 10 years. 

* Guarantee excludes external use and wear and tear. Click icon for details.

Starry-Sky Pixie Paint

Starglow Pixie Paint is a water-borne polyurethane coating containing large photo-luminescent particles / granules in 3 glowing colours: green, aqua- and sky-blue. This coating should be applied only by brush and the particles will be deposited randomly onto a textured ceiling (ideally). 

Pixie Paint is not intended as a total surface-area coating, rather it is best applied as irregular shaped strips and patches of random size, shape and position across the surface (usually a ceiling) so in darkness it resembles a starry-night sky.

Owing to the large size of the photo-luminescent particles used in Pixie Paint, please ensure the coating is applied to a high surface which is safely out of reach of children and is not exposed to any passing contact which could dislodge the particles. For this reason the paint should only be used on ceilings.

Pixiepaint paint should be thoroughly mixed before use and re-mixed periodically during use to ensure the particles are properly suspended in the paint and not left to settle.

The clear medium used to make Pixie Paint has a MATT finish when dry, which means the paints presence will be less apparent in the daytime; depending of course on how the light is reflected off the ceiling surface.  There is bound be some visible difference in the very ‘dry’ matt finish of a white emulsion ceiling paint and that of the polyurethane based matt Pixiepaint. We recommend you make a small test patch first to see how the paint will look when dry.

For maximum concealment, we recommend using on white textured ceilings, as unlike smooth white matt ceilings, the irregular textured surface helps conceal the paint’s (particles) presence from the casual observer.

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