CUSTOM FX Clear Reflective Powder


A Clear Retro-Reflective SMART Powder Coating which is Waterproof and Scratch resistant.

Part of the New STARGLOW CUSTOM FX range. Reflective powders are a new generation of SMART powder coatings, ideally suited to personalising / customising of trainers, sneakers, shoes jackets, leather-wear and garments etc.

Reflective powder acts as a light-reflective surface which, from a distance will shine brightly under the light from a camera-flash, torch beam (flashlight) or car headlight etc.

See Instructions Tab for details on how to use these powders.

See ‘Important Notes‘ tab for more details. If you require any advice or assistance in choosing the right product for your purpose, contact us on: 0161 726 5904  or  email: If you are unsure of how this product works or its suitability for your purpose, please email or call to discuss first and / or order a 25g sample to try.

GLOWTEC Quality Assured:  If it doesn’t bear our name, then its not the same!  Only Starglow Powders are Guaranteed for 10 years.

Loose powder products are non-returnable. Prices exclude VAT and Delivery.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Pack Size

50g, 1 Kg, 100g, 250g, 25g, 500g


Powder colour:    Grey / Opaque-Grey
Reflective colour:   As per light source
Refractive Index:   1.93
Specific Gravity:    4.2
Compatible mediums:   Spirit or water based clear surface bonding agent.
Particle Sizes (mesh):    400
Particle Sizes (mic):    40
Weights available:    30g – 1Kg
COSHH:   Non-Toxic

Please Note:  This powder is not suitable for use with high temperatures.


How to use Reflective Powders.

These powders are intended to bonding to suitable surfaces to produce a retro-reflective effect.

Whilst STARGLOW CUSTOM FX powders / powder bond should work on most non-porous / primed surfaces such as glass, metal, wood, plastic, finished leather as well as most suitable fabrics.

Always test a discreet area to ensure the surface and powder bond are compatible.

  1.  Prepare the surface to be coated by cleaning to remove all traces of dust, dirt, grease, oils and wax.
  2.  Apply a THIN and EVEN coating of STARGLOW Powder Bond to the surface.
  3.  Whilst the Powder Bond is still wet, dust-coat with Reflective powder until the surface is fully and evenly covered.
  4.  Leave to dry for 1 hour then tap away the excess powder to be re-used.
  5.  If required, a second coat may be applied after 8 hours curing.

Do NOT apply any kind of top coat as this will prevent the reflective feature from working. 


  • Surfaces must be completely dry before applying powder bond.
  • When dust-coating, do so over a sheet of paper so the excess powder may be reclaimed and stored for future re-use.
  • When coating finished leather (or shiny plastic / vinyl etc) gently rub the surface to be coated with ultra-fine sandpaper to remove the surface shine and create a key for the powder bond.
  • Use an Isopropanol cleaning wipe to remove any oils, and waxes from the surface of the leather.
  • Some plastic or pre-painted surfaces may be incompatible with a water-based coating. Please test for compatibility.
  • A quick and easy way to test the ‘retro-reflective’ effect is to place the coated item in a dark place, then from roughly 3 – 5m away, take a flash photo on your phone. When you look at the photo you should see a bright reflection from the coated surface.  The flash and the lens of the phone are ideally (closely) positioned to get the best from the retro-reflective effect.  The overall effectiveness is very much dependent on light / flash intensity and distance.

Important Notes

Before adopting commercially, prospective users of our products are advised to firstly purchase a sample in order to fully evaluate the product’s suitability for purpose.

It is not possible to guarantee this kind of powder will be suitable for your application. The mid-level luminous nature of this powder when used correctly is a given, what varies is how it is used and how it is charged etc. We strongly recommend you order a sample first to check if it is suitable for your particular application.

STARGLOW Glint & Glow Powder is a surface powder-coating product and not intended for mixing with other mediums.  Once coated and cured, you must never apply any other coating / top-coat as this will prevent the reflective nature of the product from working.

Loose powder products are non-returnable.

Do not allow children to use this product unsupervised.

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