UV Theft Detection Powder

UV Theft Detection Powder


UV THEFT and TAMPER Detection Smart Powder.

This innocuous looking, ultra-fine white powder will be virtually invisible on a white / light colour surface or at worst, a layer of dust on a darker coloured surface. However, when exposed to UV Blacklight, it will fluoresce a bright blue and make its presence known, even in very small amounts (see tabs for more info).

Unlike most visible hand stain powders. UV DYETECTIVE POWDER is safe and non-toxic and will NOT permanently stain, damage or deface the surface of furniture, carpets, fabrics or clothing. When not required, it can be simply removed with normal cleaning materials.

Note:  Theft Detection Powders are a simple solution that have been around for many years. However they are somewhat restricted in what you can do with them, and have limited effectiveness.

The good news is that we have now developed a range of NEXT GENERATION Theft Detection Tools, Powered by LUVINOL ™  A new, invisible, skin-staining theft detection gel, which will provide superior Proof-of-Contact with no risk of accidental ‘cross-marking’ of innocent colleagues or surfaces (a real possibility when using dry-powder products!)

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This product requires a UV Forensic Torch to reveal its presence (Not supplied)

GLOWTEC Quality Assured.  If it doesn’t bear our name then its not the same!

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  • Use Sparingly! A little goes a long way.
  • Apply only as a thin layer (dusting) of powder to an object or surface.
  • Do not over apply especially on a dark surface. Too much and it may become suspiciously obvious!
  • Check the coating with a UV Torch with the lights out or the room darkened.
  • Following up on a sprung trap quickly!  Do not leave a gap of hours between you noticing the trap has been sprung and you seeking out your suspect.  A delay may lead to the the suspect inadvertently ‘cross-contaminating’ one or more colleagues by normal shared contact or even a hand shake!!
  • Act quickly!  The powder will wash off the hands, so a delay my allow the suspect time to wash their hands as part of their normal hygiene routine, making detection harder.
  • When checking staff for evidence of contact, check hands AND clothing; including the inside of pockets and hand bags, purses or wallets as traces of UV Dyetective powder may be transferred onto clothing from the hands of the suspect.
  • When no longer required, the powder may be removed with normal cleaning materials or laundering.
Important Note:

Powder needs to be activated (energised) with a suitable UV Forensic Torch.


  • Capacity:   10ml
  • Normal Appearance:   Ultra Fine, Dust-Like White Powder
  • Colour under UV Light:   Bright Blue
  • Background:  Best over White or Light Coloured
  • Dry Surfaces:  YES
  • Wet Surfaces:  NO
  • Outdoor use:   NO
  • Smell/Odour:   None
  • Shelf Life:   N/A
  • Flammable:   NO
  • Hazardous:   NO
  • Skin Stain:   NO
  • Surface Stain (Porous):   NO
  • Surface Stain (Non-Porous):   NO
  • Clean up:   Regular surface cleaning or laundry for fabrics.
  • COSHH Safety:   Safe and Non-Toxic
Important Note:

Powder needs to be activated (energised) with a suitable UV Forensic Torch.

For best results, USE SPARINGLY. Dust lightly over a DRY WHITE surface. Check coverage with a UV Torch.

See ‘Directions’ Tab for more on how to use this product.


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