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LUVINOL UV Forensic Smart Gel

Introducing the Next Generation of British made, LUVINOL™ based, Forensic UV Theft and Tamper Detection Tools, designed to secretly identify the person responsible with indisputable proof.

LUVINOL™ UV Forensic Smart Gel, is a new kind of clear, non-drying coating which can be applied to almost any surface. When contact is made, it will impart an invisible ‘semi-permanent’ 24hr skin-stain that will later identify the miscreant using a UV light.

See below for more about LUVINOL and its many uses

UV Dyetective Man
Invisible UV Theft Detection Spray
UV Smart Gel Spray


Best suited for use on larger items or surfaces such as:  lockers,  parcels, bicycles, tools, cash boxes, stock boxes or large-area, blanket coverage of objects etc.

Invisible UV Theft Detection Applicator
UV Smart Gel Applicator


Best suited for use on larger items such as:  lockers,  parcels, bicycles, tools, cash boxes, stock boxes or large-area, blanket coverage of objects etc.

UV Detective Spray Kit
UV Smart Gel Spray Kit


Best suited for use on larger items or surfaces such as:  lockers,  parcels, bicycles, tools, cash boxes, stock boxes or large-area, blanket coverage of objects etc.

UV Theft Detection Marker Kit
UV Smart Gel Applicator Kit


Best suited for use on mainly smaller items and valuables such as: coins, banknotes, jewellery, keys, locks, handles, doorknobs, lids, switches, alarm pads etc.

UV Theft Detection Pro Kit
UV Theft Detection PRO Kit


Suitable for use almost all small and large objects or surfaces.

uv theft detection powder
UV Theft Detection Powder


Best suited for use where a safe, non-staining, dry powder is needed on white / light coloured surfaces or objects.

uv dyetective

We understand dealing with a thief will be an unfamiliar experience for most people, so we have written a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step Managers Guide to help you trap your thief. This is provided free-of-charge with each Luvinol Product.

What is LUVINOL?

This amazing, NEW forensic smart gel, has been developed by GLOWTEC here in the UK and is odourless, colourless, non-toxic and completely safe for temporary use on most indoor surfaces and materials. It is alas, unsuitable for outdoor use.

luvinol hand pair 1200.jpg

When a LUVINOL coated object (or surface) is touched, the skin is immediately stained with a temporary, invisible UV DYE which remains detectable on skin for at least 24 hours; even after intensive hand washing and showering! 

However, when a UV Forensic torch is shown onto the hands, the invisible stain will be revealed, providing the indisputable ‘proof of contact’ you require.

LUVINOL will remain active until it is no longer required, where after it can be simply wiped clean and will not permanently stain or tarnish surfaces or fabrics like visible stains do!

Use it on...

Coins • Banknotes • Jewellery • Stock items • Phones • Laptops • Alarm-Pads • Bicycles • Tools • Keys • Locks • Control Panels • Access Handles • Doorknobs • Lids etc.

In fact anything you need to know who has recently handled or used!

Note:  Whilst LUVINOL is not suitable for outdoor use we do have a non-staining UV Dyetective Grease available, which is suitable for use outdoors and in damp / wet areas.

No. You should not use a visible staining product for 3 main reasons…
Reason 1. If a thief discovers their hands have been visibly stained, they will be immediately alerted to the action taken to detect them and will do whatever they can to remove or attempt to conceal the stain. They may abruptly leave the premises! So why tip them off?  If they believe they have gotten away with the deed and they do not suspect a trap, they will carry on, none the wiser. 

Reason 2. The fact that the stain is clearly visible may well be noticed by colleagues, clients or customers, which in turn may lead to internal gossip, malicious accusations and possibly irreparable harm to the individual’s reputation!  “So what?” I hear you say. Well, imagine if that same person was innocent and had inadvertently come into physical contact with, a poorly planned or badly laid trap?  The harm will already have been done.

Reason 3. To avoid the risk of permanent staining-damage to furniture, clothing, work surfaces, carpets, fabrics and property. This is a common problem with visible staining products, which often end up causing more problems than they solve!

Theft detection powders generally fall into two camps; staining and non staining. The staining type; usually dark in colour, bring issues of lasting staining damage to furniture, work surfaces, carpets, clothing and fabrics!

The non-staining type is generally white or light coloured and whilst this type does not pose the same risks of damage and tarnishing, it does share the potential problem of unwanted re-dispursement and subsequent cross-marking of innocent colleagues! This of course would make a definitive identification of a culprit difficult, if not unlikely.

The ultra fine dust-like nature of both types of powder makes it electrostatically attracted to surfaces and people, as well as subject to internal drafts and airflow. This means that if a suspect acquires the powder on their hands and is not immediately apprehended, they could essentially pass-on / distribute the powder through person-to-surface contact eg: door handles, hand rails, keyboards etc or even person-to-person contact such as handshakes etc. This can lead to false positives and undue suspicion falling on innocent colleagues!

LUVINOL smart gel does note suffer any of these issues. :-0)

Besides the relatively high cost of purchase and implementation of such equipment (for what is essentially a temporary requirement) most countries, including the UK, view the covert (secret) video recording of staff without their knowledge, to be illegal under GDPR (UK / EU Privacy) regulations. 

Besides such footage not being GDPR compliant or admissible in court, the act of making a secret (spy) video recording could leave you exposed to the embarrassment of action being taken against you under privacy laws, or a possible compensation counter claim.

EMPLOYEE THEFT is generally defined as…

“Any stealing, use or misuse of an employers assets without permission.”

UV Dyetective Man

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