STARGLOW Reflective Paint Markers


A multi-surface, retro-reflective paint marker which create near-invisible markings, signs, symbols or notices which, when hit with a beam of light at night, will glow brightly in much same way a road-traffic sign reflects a car headlights.

These handy, self-contained, multi-surface paint markers, come prefilled with a choice of permanent STARGLOW RETRO-REFLECTIVE paint and create near-invisible markings, signs, symbols or notices which, when hit with a beam of light at night from headlights, torch or mobile phone, will glow brightly in much same way a road-traffic sign reflects a car headlights.

STARGLOW Reflective markers contains premium grade, light-reflecting clear paint, made using microscopic glass spheres in a solvent-free, water based Polyurethane formulation, which means its safe, non-toxic and ECO friendly.

We have 2 types of reflective marker; Clear and Ultra, available in 2 sizes; Small and Large.

CLEAR –  Opaque coating, suitable for use on ANY background colour; light or dark

ULTRA –  Grey opaque coating, Best suited to dark backgrounds as it would be visible on a light background and BEST for reflective performance.

Whilst CLEAR has the advantage of working on any colour of background, ULTRA provides a stronger, brighter illumination.

See ‘Instructions‘ tab for more details. If you require any advice or assistance in choosing the right paint for your purpose, contact us on: 0161 726 5904  or  email: If you are unsure of how this type of paint works or its suitability for your purpose, please email or call to discuss first.

Made in Britain.  Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

Reflective Paint

Ultra, Clear


Small, Large


Wet colour:   White or Grey (Clear/Ultra)
Dry colour:   Clear or Grey (Clear/Ultra)
Reflective element:   Glass Microspheres
Surfaces:  Smooth, non-abrasive wood, metal, glass, plastic or fabrics
Bead Index:  1.9
Drying time:   <1 hr
Size (ml):   50ml & 100ml  (Small/Large)
Nib Size:  20mm & 25ml  (Small/Large)
Medium: ECO friendly waterbased polyurethane formulation with low VOCs
COSHH:   Non-Toxic
Made in the UK


  • Shake well for at least 30 seconds to ensure paint is well mixed.
  • Squeeze and DAB for circular reflective dots
  • Squeeze – DAB and SLIDE for reflective strips

If the marker has been stood unused for some time, shake the marker well for 30 seconds to ensure the paint is properly remixed and ready for use.  Always shake just before use.

You can use this marker on most ‘smooth’ non-abrasive surfaces eg: card, wood, metal, glass, certain plastics and some fabrics etc.

Ensure the surface to be painted is clean and free from oil, grease and dirt.

Do not use this marker on any surface with a rough or abrasive texture, as this may damage the paint applicator tip. Surfaces should feel smooth to the touch and not gritty or rough.  Always test for compatibility on a discreet area first.

For best results, apply as single thin coating. Do not over coat nor make the coating too thick, so as it is visible or lumpy to the touch (when dry) as this will prevent the reflective properties from working.

How to apply:

Press down firmly and slide whilst gently squeezing the body of the marker or dab-down firmly whilst gently squeezing the body of the marker to create a series of reflective circles to make up a shape, symbol or word or squeeze-dab and slide for reflective stripes, all should be large enough to see at a distance!

It is not possible to guarantee this paint will be suitable for every application. The retro-reflective nature of this kind of paint when used correctly is a given, what varies is where and how the paint is used, which is different for each and every customer.

STARGLOW Reflective markings are NOT suitable for use on floors or walkways or any situation where the paint will be exposed to excessive wear or physical contact.

These paints are NOT suitable for use on hair or skin.

Do not allow children to use this product unsupervised.

For for best results use within 6 months of receipt.

HOW TO TEST: A simple way to test if you have applied the paint correctly is to take a ‘flash-photo’ in the dark with your smartphone from roughly 10-20 feet away (3-6m approx).  When you look at the photo you should see a bright reflection from the coated surface.  The flash and the lens of the phone are ideally (closely) positioned to get the best effect from the retro-reflective effect.  If it does not, then either the paint has not been thoroughly mixed, the coating applied is too thick or a second / top-coat has been applied.

Do NOT apply a second coat or any form of top coat over a reflective coating as this will nullify the reflective effect.

If the marker is left unused for a long period of time, it may be necessary to clean / de-glog the nib.  To do this, simply pries-off the nib and wash under a running tap.

Usage Ideas

There are countless possible uses for this unique product but here are just a few which occur to us…

  • Reflective cycle helmets  (Pure safety)
  • Reflective ‘night’ directional signs
  • Reflective house number / name signs
  • Reflective path edge markers
  • Reflective ‘edge & corner’ marking  (avoid a costly prang)
  • Reflective back-pack safety marking  (be seen at night)
  • Reflective cycle frames
  • Reflective GEO-Caching trail marking
  • Reflective clothing  (safety and style)
  • Reflective dog leads
  • Reflective tool/handle marking  (don’t leave it behind!)
  • Reflective horse blanket marking  (spot your Pony at night)
  • Reflective obstacle marking  (see it. Avoid it)

In fact anything you want to locate or find at night using your mobile phone’s TORCH or FLASH features.

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